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Veggie Garden Range

We offer a range of raised bed and wine barrel gardens: Choose from Wine Barrel Gardens, Cypress Pine, Galvanised Steel or Colorbond beds.

Wine Barrel Gardens-The original 'Instant Veggie Garden'

Great for decks, patios and small gardens. Our barrels are mounted on industrial castors so that they can be easily moved. Just $375 installed and planted*.

Seaside Garden with Raised Lawns, Hampton, Victoria

"Beespoke" Veg Garden Design

We will design a vegetable garden to suit your garden and design preferences. From a single bed to a full scale kitchen garden. Call for a free consultation today.

Vertical Gardens

Transform a bare wall or fence into a productive food garden or green garden feature. Great for small gardens or urban courtyards these are the latest in garden technology!

Beaumaris Garden.

A gabion wall provides a backdrop to a vibrant, colourful plant scheme.



The Instant Veggie Garden

The Instant Veggie Garden started in December 2008 to help people grow and enjoy their own vegetables.

    The Instant Veggie Garden will build and plant a veggie garden or kitchen garden anywhere within metropolitan Melbourne, Australia.

    We can design for gardens large or small: from a single bed to a full scale Kitchen Garden, from a balcony to an urban courtyard.

     To arrange a FREE site assessment and FREE quote email:

Mobile contact 0419 515 344

To see some examples of veggie gardens click on the Veggie Garden Photos link above.


Spring Planting List (Australian Temperate Zone-Melbourne)

Despite a pretty cold and wet start to Spring in Melbourne now is the time to start laying the ground for a bumper spring and summer harvest.

Remember to prepare your soil well prior to planting by adding good quality compost and composted manures especially for hungry feeders like brassicas. Brassicas and tomatoes will also benefit from a sprinkle of dolomite lime. If you are planting carrots it is best to plant from seed and don't over fertilise the soil as you may get some strange looking carrots!

Mulching the vegetable garden with sugar cane mulch or pea straw will help protect the vegetable roots from summer heat and continue to feed the soil as it breaks down.


During Spring (September, October, November) you can plant:

Asian greens, basil, beans, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, capsicums, carrots, celery, chilies, chives, cucumbers, eggplant, kale, leeks, lettuce, parsley, peas, parsnips, pumpkin, radish, rocket, silver beet, spinach, tomatoes and zucchini.

Your broad beans planted during winter, should be well on the way to harvesting. Just right to form the basis of a Pasta Verde or a broad bean and garlic soup.

Contact me if you need help!

Raised Bed Vegie Gardens

Price List for Australian Cypress Pine (no chemicals) raised bed gardens in metro Melbourne. Price includes, installation, fill and planting with seasonal veg.

Cypress Pine  
Size Price
2m x 1m x 0.2m  $495
3m x 1m x 0.2m  $655
2m x 1m x 0.4m  $830
3m x 1m x 0.4m $1100

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